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An evening with Irena and Nick

January 23, 2023 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

A very special evening with many “spectators” and many works on display, a very nice gang and a “very talented” artist !!!

I was lucky enough to meet a rather extraordinary couple, people who have other visions or facets of their life, where art, culture and painting are always at the table with them even for breakfast!! Simply amazing, unusual!

Irena and Nick , she is a Macedonian artist with an « influence of Byzantine art always present in my work: figuration and symbolism are dominant. » Inner explorations, personal life and a symbiosis between tradition, deep thought and beliefs. The emotional, the mysticism, the intuition but « for me it is the Byzantine simplicity that remains my spiritual and visual modus .» Nick has been the Administrator of NGO Art Studio ( NGO Art Studio website ) for several years and is an outgoing, enthusiastic, logical character, with an almost limitless artistic knowledge without forgetting a degree in architecture, among many other “trifles” sociocultural & CO.

For the opening of a new upper room inside a famous restaurant here in Perpignan, we were invited with many others to the personal exhibition of “ La naissance de Vénus : Au delà du ciel (The Birth of Venus: Beyond the sky) ” for the opening of the Grand Salon du Vienne , the famous restaurant. I have added below some photos of the evening with photos also of the exhibited paintings, but the choice of exhibited paintings left me speechless, a flight with the mind towards an infinity full of colors and moments of life sometimes intimate or perhaps even personal, but always filled with moments that belong to certain people, to particular moments of an existence, of a reality perhaps dreamed or only imagined.

It is very difficult to express any opinion, to discern between the various colors what are, sometimes, the reasons or intentions of the artist, i.e. the concept, the consideration, the judgement, the idea, the opinion, practically any form of emotion, psychic and symbolic movement of the artist’s soul in that precise moment, when the brush collides with the canvas. But, and here comes the beauty, all these moments and all these characters on the various canvases leave a feeling and a vague and indirect perception of what is happening or about to happen, through a flood of colors, of underlined and sometimes almost hidden expressions , a very special feeling, no kidding!!

I have inserted below some photos of the Vernissage , with some of those present and also with some work by Irena, with her permission of course!


January 23, 2023
8:00 am - 5:00 pm