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Ljupco Malenkov

The art that is produced by visual artist Irena Gapkovska represents a culturally refined body of art.

In the mystery of the creative act, Irena has placed her personality, her character, her views and considerations of the very world. Through an elaborate fantasy, she deliberately registers the assimilated challenges from that world deep in her soul as art log entries.

Irena is an artist showing esthetic ambition. Through drawing, composition, by means of relations with the colored surfaces, she creates sensitive works, works full of drama of the experienced element, with emotional tremors that show the reliability and power of the artistic language. A magical realism with emphasis on destruction. A warning, a fanciful charge
with visual suggestion. Visions, forms, and volumes, homogeneous parts with nuanced invention, attaining thus a visual artistic creation. Her art represents a forlorn focus on checking the reasons and the way she expresses her personal internal upset. Extremely interesting way of dealing with the past, with the culture of those times, thus revealing her intuition and volatility.

Scenarios and symbols about female eroticism but also about ironic uncanniness of the world. Her works emanate the power of the show (drama) where emotion is the force that unites and makes void. Hence, narrative scenery as outcome of her visions and dreams, all in an atmosphere of hidden memories.

As philosophically and poetically experienced and created works of art, the opus of visual artist Irena Gapkovska represents messages of an ethical and anthropological nature. Her magical specificity enables her art games to become works of art that are full of the great vigor of nature, of her temperament and painting skills.

Ljupco Malenkov